3 Oct 2010

Be a "Nudest" Nudist!

Many nudists/naturists,male and female,shave or otherwise remove pubic hair and I'm one of those who do, as you can see from the pages in this blog, I prefer not to have any! Even in the rain like here!

There are many ways of keeping "smooth" and I use a rechargeable special rotary razor for this sensitive area, the "hair erazor". Much more info on this subject can be found at
www.wnn.nu and here is a little YouTube ad I found on the pubic shaving subject!

So take care, stay as bare as you dare! Like these naturally naked people!

Click on the pictures for a larger version! Happy natural people of all shapes and sizes enjoying being at peace with their bodies!

In a social family setting as in this resort in USA, no shame or prudery here!

And a happy group of naked and partly naked people riding through London in June with no complaints!

1200 mostly naked cyclists skaters and runners giving the tourists some fun and spreading the message of too much dependency on oil, pollution and freedom from Body Shame!


Tina said...

For me the Hair eRazor is the least costly and painfree method of Hair removal. Google it!

hans said...

I shave as well, just using my shaver. I prefer to be without any body hair. It makes you feel even more naked.

Fariborz said...

so lovely friends

Anonymous said...

i prefer the look, and the clean feeling of having a shaved body. i have been shaving since i was 13 when the mess started to grow in. but individual body areas for me hair removal is different. some i use a blade, some i use a electric trimmer, and others a electric razor. it doesn't matter how you remove the hair try it and feel the smooth.

Anonymous said...
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Sree myth said...

Lovely Nudest Nudist. glad to say me too a smoothie :)