26 Jul 2014

July has been good!

Well, apart from a few cooler cloudy days and 2 terrific thunderstorms this month has been good for the Clothes-free lifestyle! 
Indoors and out, it makes perfect sense to wear nothing,people complaining how hot and sweaty they are,sleeping difficult,well JUST WEAR YOUR SKIN, no sweat!
I've esp enjoyed being in the garden naturally nude, my upstairs neighbour Sandra, a 60+ Mancunian Jamaican, told me she doesn't mind as she is nude in her apt and we have had a few chats with her leaning out of the window and me in my 1button suit!
Oh well, a few pictures of my garden and me,staying bare in this warm air,cheers!

****Just click on the pic for a larger version if you dare!!

 That's me and my garden,hope you like it you are welcome anytime!

5 Jul 2014

Flaming June!!

Yes the last week in June was flaming and I managed to enjoy most of the week in just my skin,indoors and out. Managed a couple of clothes-free walks and short cycle rides wearing just a smile and why not,it was tooo hot for clothes!

29 Jun 2014

June was the World naked Bike Ride month!

Yes hundreds across the Uk took part in a good natured bare protest against the ever increasing reliance on oil for transport and the dangers cyclists face on our roads!
See this taster for Brighton:- Brighton WNBR

And some pictures from London on 14 June!

And enjoyed by all,riders and spectators! Nude isn't rude,it's simply ourselves!

18 Jun 2014

Sam Woolfe: Should Public Nudity Be Legalised?

Sam Woolfe: Should Public Nudity Be Legalised?: It seems very strange that it could be illegal for someone to exist in their natural state: naked. It is not true to say that public nudity ...