3 Sep 2015

Bodypainting as seen on the streets of New York!

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From another blogger but sensible words for Naturism!



 And from me.....

Sorry to be late in posting!

Well, it's been awhile since I posted, various reasons, been hospitalised a ouple of times, changed computers,lost some data, had other things on my mind but I'm still here, alive and trying to live clothes-free whenever I can.....

It's been an up and down summer,health and weather wise, not been able to be out on my bike like I did last year, oh that was lovely.....

Being able to ride my bike naked(well shoes only!) in the warm sun is great, along the Thames and round an old fort, just being myself,no sweaty clothes to chafe. 
But this year has been different, although I've managed to be naked indoors of course.....

Happy in my skin...... warm and comfortable!

Why cover what is natural??

And in my garden, fresh natural air all over!

So to sum up, I'm still as bare as I can be, just had to take it easy.... but I'm on twitter as @mikeian471 and on wordpress as naturalian.wordpress.com so for now stay bare and I'll be posting again soon!

Bye for now!!

13 Nov 2014

15 Oct 2014

Memories of a Naked Summer!

Oh well... Autumn is well and truly here, wet and cool but I have some happy memories and pictures of being truly myself, with just my skin to cover me...indoors and out where being bare to the air is sooo nice! Happy to share with anyone who is interested!

                    Take care....Stay as bare as you dare!