28 Jun 2009

Summer is Here!

At last, we have some warm weather, its Wimbledon fortnight and Glastonbury but the sun is shining and its in the mid 70's.

I can be clothesfree in and outdoors, its warm enough for a morning coffee in the garden at 530am when the main sound is of the birds singing and I can stroll round the garden wearing just my skin!

I find that wearing nothing in the warm weather makes me sweat a lot less and therefore saves on both washing of clothes and washing of me, a quick water saving shower is all I need and I'm fresh n clean!

I do shave my pubic hair and have done for years now since I observed clean shaven men and women on nude beaches and resorts in France some years ago, I prefer the smooth feeling and look and find I am less sweaty down there!

There is a website for information on hair removal for both women and men at http://www.wnn.nu/ and although of course its a very personal thing I find that a lot of both sexes are now trimming or totally removing their pubic hair, to be a nudest nudist!

I have absolutely no hangups about my body (although I would prefer a trimmer tum!), and who sees it, although I try and respect the feelings(which I find difficult to understand) of those that are embarrassed at the sight of an unclothed fellow human being!

Well, I think I'll have a nice walk in the Kent countryside this week its due to hit 30 anytime soon and thats just too hot for clothes!