9 Sep 2009

Clothesfree Walk on 8 Sept 2009

Well, it was a very warm sunny day and it was too good to miss the opportunity of a lovely walk in the countryside, naturally naked and free in the sun!
I couldn't wait to get my shorts off after getting out of the car, I didn't really care if anyone saw me as it's not illegal to be simply naked in public and I wanted to get the max sun on me as I started my walk!

Round the corner and the start of the public footpath over the fields and through the woods, a really lovely way to spend time!

Looking at the sheep in the fields and the lovely open views over the Kent countryside it seems so natural not to wear anything and to be covered would only make me uncomfortable.

So of I go, up the hill on the path thats just 50 yds
from the motorway, traffic rushing by, but I'm
away from the pollution and noise.

Its my favourite spot for "free-hiking" as its
called, an oasis of peace, tranquility and natural beauty.

I have occasional encountered clothed walkers and if I do I try and cover myself as I don't want to give offence but I think most people today are not offended by simple nudity and I am just another walker - wearing my natural attire!

Here I am in the sun with Sheep and lambs in the shade (well they have a wollen coat on!).
Just another example of being accepted in nature as I am meant to be, it just seems so silly wearing anything other than shoes and hat(I have my coverup under my hat!).

And occasionally I like to walk barefoot too, its wonderful to feel the grass under your feet and be bare top to toe!

SO, here I am wearing nothing but my
hat in the natural woodland ! There was a soft carpet of leaves underfoot, lovely!

But its off to another field and other views taking time to have a drink and a banana to keep up the energy levels, it got to 29 degrees (81f) and so it made total sense to be naked.

Taking time for a quick rest on a seat kindly provided by Ramblers, wonder if any other nudists have sat on it!

It just seems to be THE best way to enjoy nature, of course I would wear a little more if it was wintertime but the summertime here is so lovely and I want to enjoy it as I am made, NO shame in my body!
We come in all shapes and sizes and not one is wrong or right, we are all human beings and should accept each other as we are, not a what some decide HOW we should look!
So here are a few more pictures of me enjoying the walk in
the natural countryside of Kent, the garden of

Join in the pastime of being naked in nature!

Click on any picture for a large version!

All the best!

7 Sep 2009

Gosh is it September already?

Where did August go? I didn't get out much clothesfree as it was mostly either spent with family(birthdays and a christening) or the weather wasn't up to it or because of my caring duties although I did have a walk in the rain(yes it was and I wasn't wearing anything except my shoes and a hat oh and my bumbag with my fone and keys!).

But its tuesday morning and Ive been in the garden having my toast and a coffee and its 17 degrees - too warm for anything except my skin!

And I'm looking forward to a few hours in the countryside wearing the same! Ill say a cheery "good-day" to anyone I meet, so take care, I'm bare!