12 Apr 2007

April Sunshine!

Hurray! April has dawned and the weather is set fair - sunny with little wind and after a LOVELY Easter when I had relatives staying and there was a lot of other clothed things to do, on 10 April I set off to my fav spot between the M25 and M20 motorways for a 3 hour clothesfree walk!

Arrived at 10am, parked the car in a little layby, put my clothes in the back of the car and set off over the stile and up the hill to the nature reserve and woodland(keeping a pair of shorts in my bag along with my mobile,keys and camera)!

As you can see, the trees are JUST coming into leaf(as nude as me!) but even being quite close to 2 motorways there is a peace and tranquility that is magical,hearing the birds and seeing rabbits and squirrels and being completely clothesfree(apart from my shoes!) makes it even better.

The woodlands are quite hilly and there are clearings with benches where one can rest after a bit of exertion!

Clothes seem silly when you are warm and means you don't get sweaty and uncomfortable and surely there is no shame being naturally naked in such natural srroundings!

There are woodpeckers, nuthatches and warblers among the many varieties of birds and it is a haven for butterflies and other insects.

I did come across a few other (clothed!) walkers and did put my shorts on before greeting them, removing them when they had passed as I don't wish to offend others but I have in the past remained clothesfree and not had a negative reaction<>

Onto the open fields and farmland where there were tractors in the distance and the main train-line up to London, lots of different wild flowers in the hedgerows and a feeling of bliss as I walked in just my shoes, feeling the sun and gentle breeze over all my body! Following a well worn path with absolutely no-one about but a village close by and just being a natural part of the flora and fauna... soo relaxing and stress busting!
The walk back to the car took another half hour and I stopped a few times to admire the scenery - it seemed such a shame to have to get dressed when I got back to the little layby--I have driven clothesfree quite a few times in the past...mind you it's quite natural at a naturist resort like Euronat in SW France, a "centerparcs" where you never need to wear anything! and I drove from our chalet to the beach without even shoes!
So there was my lovely April walk... totally natural in natural surroundings! Can't wait for the next one, still I AM clothesfree as I write this as I usually am at home!