25 Dec 2013

The European Naked Walking Tour 2013

A lovely summary of the benefits of naked hiking - superbly organised and looking forward to the 2014 one!

Blimey-it's Christmas!

Where has the last cpl of months gone? Still, all ready wearing my santa hat and a smile, waiting to open my pressies... Have a very happy Christmas, clothed or not, I prefer NOT! 
Happy Bare Christmas to all, back with much more in the Nude Year!

17 Oct 2013

Another Naturist Blogger!

Yes, Guy and Carla Purcella have this interesting blog on their clothes-free life!

Click here > Ournudistlife  to visit their blog!

I'm staying in my best suit! Ciao!


13 Oct 2013

What IS the big deal about a Penis!!

Male full-frontal nudity in cinema! Oh well... Click below!

The be all and end all! 

Me? I just go with the flow, bare-all and be myself!


Reblogged from Suanqu.wordpress.com

Or daring to bare

Free Beaches - Free Humans
The idea that the body is perverse and needs to be regulated is a perversion of your own mind and a reflection of your own suffering!
Looking back at history we can see that clothing is a modern invention, and something most of us despite our resistance as children have developed an attachment to so much so that most people are afraid to bare all in public. The Christian church helped reform peoples attitudes to their bodies and like pleasure, bodies became something to be ashamed of.
This caused our bodies to become politicised and regulations were passed prohibiting public nudity to the extent in some countries of prohibiting mothers from breast feeding their babies which is a crime against humanity. The modern media in present time perverted the idea of the human body and have made it another commodity that’s used to support the marketing of goods and services and that consequently divides us further from our bodies.
So, over the past couple of thousand years, a large portion of the western population has developed a very unhealthy attitude towards their own body and peoples bodies in general. In the public consciousness, the imperfect body has no value and consequently the individual has less value unless they have financial and social power while the beautiful are far more appreciated and have higher status in society.
Our attitudes toward our bodies are for most people, less than healthy and like carrying shame for being less than perfect, the concealment. Not only conceals the body, but it also conceals our wounds and illnesses which eventually leads to unhappiness and an early death.
Quite often the parents of small children will let the child play naked for a time, and is clear that children love their bodies and love being naked, so much so that they often make a fuss when they are forced to dress. As a consequence, such innocent Plato is soon restricted and the child forced to conform. As the child grows, this conformity simply becomes a lifetime habit and they are indoctrinated into the public mind set.
The International Naturist Federation defined naturalism as “a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterized by self-respect of people with different opinions and of the environment.
“In Germany, the free body-culture movement,Freik√∂rperkultur, promoted nudism and a new respect for the body unfettered by society’s constraints. Being healthy meant displaying a body that emanated the very glow of nature—the sun. Everyone from the avant-garde artists of Weimar to Hitler embraced the ideal of the robust, sun-kissed body. Tanned skin became the height of chic, embodying the opposite class distinction that it had during the previous century. And, it joined seawater and sea air as the panacea du jour. In 1944 The Journal of the American Medical Association promoted the sun, air and sea trifecta as a cure for everything from tuberculosis (still) to a cold. Companies capitalized on the sun’s appeal by promoting contraptions like a personal hothouse that captured “health rays” right out of your backyard.” ~ The Historic Healing Power of the Beach by Adee Braun of The Atlantic
This counterculture movement in Germany is perhaps reminiscent echo of ancient Greek sentiment when the body was celebrated as a work of art to be displayed and admired. One thing is certain about a naked body is that the state of health is far more apparent than that of someone fully dressed. However, the revival of naturism in Germany and some parts of the United States fell from favour as Germany’s true intentions were revealed.
“We need to know that nudism can happen, nudism should happen, and that people will be safe and free to experience this fundamental joy of being. There is a light within each of us, and clothing only serves to eclipse that light.” ~ Author of “Nudism Happens” captioned images and Naturism as a Way of Living.
We need to get past Obviously, Wearing clothing to protect us from all our industry, yet socially it is healthier to remain naked as this puts us in touch with our fundamental reality which cuts across class and may even help to reduce gender confusion.
It is believed by some that seeing each other naked and she provides a sense of comfort and security that reduces the likelihood of rape and sexual assault. Within our society, there is a great thirst for the sight of naked bodies, and this thirst is being denied. Which leads to a great deal of perversion which we referred to as sex crime.
If we deprive anyone of a requirement for life, they will either give up and die. Although will fight and use any means available to satisfy their needs. So spending more time naked together may be just what the doctor ordered to improve the functioning of our society and put all the jealousy, rage, hatred and mistrust and put the feelings that “break” the world behind us!
If you want to try spending time naked outside of the bathroom bedroom, like me, you have to find some like-minded friends and for it to be outside, you need a degree of privacy and a significant rise in temperature. But also on a practical level, one needs to be involved and vote for a naked friendly local government and help people to get over themselves.

What do YOU think? Will YOU try being clothes-free for a day,a week....? I did 50 yrs ago and I'm very happy to be clothes-free,naked,nude,with anyone of like mind,what you look like is of no importance! 

6 Sep 2013

Me by the Thames!

Well, it has been a very warm week so I decided to have a little time down by the Thames and cycled(clothed!) from my house to an area that is sparsely populated(about a cpl of miles away) where I could dispense of shorts and T and cycle "shoes-only!"another couple of miles along the shoreline 'twixt river and countryside,brill in the warm air..... then off the bike by a nature reserve on the Thames marshes, many varieties of birds but no humans thank goodness, ships passing by and shoe-less and clothes-less feeling nature under me,over me and all around me!

 Here's a couple of little films posted as private on youtube of me enjoying total clothes-freedom in this lovely area! Enjoy! 

Clothes-free by the Thames 


My Movie from mike george on Vimeo.

Look at this!

Click here > Trivago..Hotels for the bare essentials!

And why not fill in the survey on that page, the majority is that it's ok to bare all on holiday!

12 Aug 2013

All Nudist Reappears!

Great to see this website for true nudists reappearing after a break, all power to the webmasters! 
Click here > http://www.all-nudist.com/

And while you are reading it, get in the mood by reading it in your skin! I do!

11 Aug 2013

Natures Children!

A short video extolling the virtues of Naturism!

Nature's Children from FreewillUK on Vimeo.

Natural Naked Hiking!

Yes, here's a blog by a fellow naked walker! 
Click here! > http://nakedhistorian.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/naked-hiking/ 

The joys and freedom of being in the great outdoors! Who is more comfortable here.... No sweat sun and fresh air to the skin.....

10 Aug 2013

Naked Handstand at Festival!

Just goes to show that simple nudity is harmless and fun,everyone enjoying this young man's skill! 
Click here > http://homeclothesfree.com/2013/08/10/walking-handstand-at-festival/ 

Enjoy the posts at homeclothesfree.com! I'm always clothes-free at home!

2 Aug 2013

Top 10 things to do when Naked!

Well here's to a bit of fun, I think I've done em all!

Click here >> http://www.weekendnotes.com/top-ten-things-to-do-naked/ 

And this afternoon, I'm getting my bike out and riding clothes-FREE! 

 Yippee, add that to the list! 

29 Jul 2013

A Naturist hero!

Lady God1Va!
Yes Lady God1va (notice the 1 instead of i) is a true naturist heroine, read this reblogged from Naked Historian, click here > http://nakedhistorian.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/heroes-of-naturism-1-lady-god1va-2/

She also has her own website see here > http://ladygod1va.wordpress.com/

Yes, a true example of a lovely naturist woman, who is not afraid to espouse the virtues of natural nakedness! Good on you!

22 Jul 2013

Naked Vegan Cooking!

Have a look at this website, it is becoming more popular...cooking, vegan cooking and naked vegan cooking! Some good recipes or submit your own!
Click here ----> http://nakedvegancooking.com/about/

And do some naked cooking......


21 Jul 2013

Then And Now!

Yes, its 10 yrs between these 2 pictures, the first in 2003 at a holiday cottage in Norfolk  and the 2nd taken today (21 July 2013) at home, hope I can take a similar one in 2023! You never know, I've been a nudist/naturist all my life - came into this world naked and will leave it naked! Take care, I'm bare!

Here I am in 2003 in the holiday cottage in Norfolk.....
And as I am now today 21 July 2013..........

Still as Naked as Ever and happy to be so!

20 Jul 2013

Naked Cycling by the Thames!

Another hot July day and I cycled and walked by the Thames just the sun and light breeze covering me!


18 Jul 2013

17 Jul 2013

Yes its Hot!

30 degess forecast today, but this amusing clip from TV's Trinny and Susannah show that most people are not fazed by nudity so why wear clothes this hot weather?
Trinny & Susannah Great British Body 3 by penguin_2012

13 Jul 2013

Blimey, it's mid-july!

Can't believe we've passed mid-summer, and I haven't posted since end of May!
There has been quite a lot happening in the clothes-free world, not least the many Naked Bike rides in London, Manchester, Southampton, Brighton, Portsmouth, York and this year Canterbury! All of which went very well, the clothed onlookers happily cheering and taking pics of the naked riders.....
 Even the Police are happy to join in with the natural nudity.. so Why can't we ride naked anytime?......
 So that was June, weather was ok but JULY has been so much better and at last after a darn long chill winter I can get out into the outdoors and chuck all my clothes off!
By the river......
 At a deserted fort......
 And even on my bike!.....
Soooo, sun, stay around for a while, being naked is wonderful, feeling the warmth and and gentle breeze all over your body(but take care not to get burned!) and have some natural clothes-free fun!


29 May 2013

Naturism has made me a better person!

Reblogged from homeclothesfree.com and excellent website, subscribe today! 


That's why I'm happy and proud to be a naturist!

And why I have no qualms about being myself! 

20 May 2013

These people are TRUE NATURISTS!

The tribe Zo'é shows his way of life and their perception of the world. We will know the identity of this isolated village through their daily actions, we will see how is your relationship with the environment around them and with their own kind.

We will live for several months along with 184 members of this ethnic group, one of the last groups living in the countryside, ignoring our history and reigning over the Amazon jungle for centuries.

From youtube:-


9 May 2013

A Christian and a Naturist!

Is being a Christian compatible with being a Naturist? Well I certainly think so! Let's face it, we are born naked and in God's image, he made us so there is nothing shameful in our bodies, the shame comes from impure thoughts and actions. Here is a vicar and a naturist who shares his thoughts and life here:-
The naturist vicar on Nudity and Faith  

Its a lovely article on the confusion between nudity and sex and that simply being in our natural state should be no barrier to communicating with our maker.

I say my prayers naturally dressed in what God gave me, my skin, here I am as each morning I pray....

Pray for Peace in this world and harmony between all people whether they are clothed or not!

1 May 2013

Ada Bojana Montenegro

A lovely naturist holiday resort, right on the albanian border! Was here sev yrs ago, see this vid!

29 Apr 2013

Nudity isn't Evil, but your views on it might be!

Re-posted from Notsocross.wordpress.com :-
 by filterlessdrunk
It’s not going to breed a society of deviants, devoid of morality who publically procreate because it seems normal. It’s just nudity. I guess I’m just fed up with the constant argument against nudity where they complain ‘The children! What about the children? I don’t want my three year old seeing naked people’s.. Bits!’ And they say ‘bits’ because they are afraid of the real words. These people aren’t afraid for their children, they’re afraid for themselves.
Nudity isn’t inherently sexual. It is only that way when you make so by sexualizing it yourself. If you’re walking down the street with your six year old and along comes a nude old lady, hop-skip-jumping for joy, her bosom dangling in the freedom of the cool breeze and a heart warming smile on her face, I don’t think your child is suddenly going to think ‘Oh boy, that gave me an erection. How shall I celebrate my newfound rigidity? I guess I have no choice but to run that woman down and have my way with her. After that I’ll go home, start cussing and stealing and, heck, I may just have my way with the family dog, too!’ In fact, I’d wager, he’ll simply laugh at the jiggling the way we all would.
If, however, upon seeing this woman, your reaction is to hold your hands over your child’s eyes and whisper that he was not to see it, that it’s wrong and he isn’t ready for it, then it is you who has done the real damage. You’ve now taught this child that nudity is a dark and dangerous thing. You’ve prematurely opened his or her eyes to the unnatural idea that sex and nakidity are intertwined. What’s more is, with the nature of children being one of curiosity and boundary pushing, you’ve made it taboo, encouraging them to seek it out in secret.
I should mention here that if nudity was suddenly rendered completely acceptable in public that I would by no means be the first to strip down and dangle my dong for the crowds. No sir, not for me. That may make me sound like a hypocrite, but my intentions are alrtuistic. I’ll admit it: I am somewhat ashamed of my body, not in an ‘oh jesus, I’m HIDEOUS’ way, just more that I’d prefer it only to be seen by those I trust. Or those I’m horrendously drunk around. I also like clothing, it keeps me warm and it looks good. I am, however, completely okay with the idea of anyone else wanting freedom from the shackles of cotton, silk and archaic ideals of innocence.
I’m also not saying this because I, as most boys do, spent an embarassingly lare percent of my teen years wishing lustfully to see a girl, as natural and naked as possible, just wandering around in public. Because, really, if nudity wasn’t such a big issue for people, I would never have found that idea so exciting in the first place. I do find the naked form attractive, I do look upon some people in the flesh and think thoughts not entirely pure, but only in the right context.
You see, if that old woman turned to the six year old and thought to have her way with him, that would be an exposure and a loss of innocence the likes of which any parent has a right to protect their kid from. Truthfully, though, if that woman were indecently inclined that way she would have those thoughts anyway, her lack of clothing wouldn’t be a part of the problem.
I will say that as a child I saw my fair share of skin, especially on television – I was the night owl and had no curfew and found the TV stations rather generous after dark – and the only negative aspect I remember was wondering if I was adequately hiding my shame (a word I was taught to use to describe an erection by my parents and other’s negative view of nudity.) Those times were sexualized by their context, for sure, but even so they did not expose me to an adult side of nudity before I was ready, they did not cause me to become a rampaging beast of sexual deviancy. Public nudity doesn’t even come close to that sort of atmosphere, it doesn’t have that intention and we need to have faith that the average person, young or old, will understand that. We can all but guarantee they will know that, provided they are taught and shown from the start that nudity in itself if harmless.
The last thing I should mention, and this is most important, is that if you’ve ever been to a nude resort (or read about them, or seen them on TV etc) you would know that not only is it entirely about freedom and feeling natural, it is also mostly devoid of sexuality because of the people themselves. They aren’t horny twenty year olds with bodies to die for. They are old, they are saggy, they are wrinkled and they are, in their own way, beautiful people who generally mean no harm. Let them be, and let them go where they want. They are celebrating themselves and their bodies in a chaste way because that is what makes them comfortable. Teach your children about strangers who carry knives, who hand out laced candy and who hide away in vans with tinted windows. They are dangerous, and I assure you, they are almost always fully clothed.
So... I'm nude and happy and shame-free!

17 Apr 2013

Swanbourne Beach Perth W.Aus.

Hey, I've been there - got relis in Perth a great place. Found this vid of a happy guy enjoying naked freedom on this wonderful beach by the Indian Ocean!


Albert nude in Swambourne Beach, Perth 2012 from Albert Yam on Vimeo.

Born Free!

A wonderful video of a c/o place in Thailand! 


Albert is born free as a nudist 2013 from Albert Yam on Vimeo.

The World Naked Bike Ride season has started!

Yes, time to get out that cycle ,oil and polish it up, take off your clothes(if you are wearing any!) and join in a ride near you! Coming up in UK in June lots of rides just google world naked bike ride!
Here's one just a couple of weeks ago!


World Naked Bike Ride 2013 Byron Bay from Albert Yam on Vimeo.

Its warming up a bit!

Yes at last it's starting to warm up after one of the longest cold spells I can remember and I haven't managed to have a naturist walk yet this year, but soon!
At least there are some nice things you can do naturally naked, see here 101 things to do , NUDE!


20 Mar 2013

Summer Holiday!

Why not think about Cap d'Agde (or Le'Cap as naturists call it!) for a totally naturist relaxing holiday, it's the "Nude City" in France.... Here's a film about it, but give yourself an hour to watch it!

Cap d'Agde - Naked City by BareBather

17 Mar 2013

A female Naturists Perspective

For any woman a little apprehensive about baring all... Click Here!

Women come in all shapes and sizes and everyONE is NORMAL!

6 skin-dressed ladies!


15 Mar 2013

Naturism-What is it?

A web page via bbc!


And simple nudity in public is NOT illegal as this picture of a happy couple and a very happy P.C. at the Brighton naked bike ride shows!

So be a naturist, it makes sense! 


Yes it's Comic Relief time again, time to give some hard-earned to the less fortunate, so get texting APP to 70005 to donate £5.... or go to comicrelief.com - and wear your red nose with pride!
I'm wearing mine!

12 Mar 2013

A new naturist is born!

A little trepidation at first but after a couple of minutes, hey so we are all naked so what! 

Click here> Taking a splash! 

8 Mar 2013

Naturist holidays and more!

A very interesting informative site for holidays and other things au-naturel!

Click here... Naturist Holiday Info!

Nothing like being clothes-free on holiday!


Singing with Nudes!

An interesting short film using natural bodies to compliment the singing!

6 Mar 2013

The True Story of The Naked Rambler

Steve Gough aka the Naked Rambler has been persueing his naked walking for several years now, with a lot of that time spent in jail for being nothing more than himself. Another blogsite has detailed these as follows:-

The Naked Rambler  

26 Feb 2013

Naturists With Disabilities

This is an issue that is close to my heart, people with disabilities should not be excluded from any activity... read this:- naturists-with-disabilities=


Bare your Soles!

Yes, its good for your health! Click the link below!

Bare Your Soles 

Of course I bare a bit more than just my soles but that's me! I prefer to bare all and its wonderful walking barefoot,bare-all in nature!

New Nike Ad! Natural Running!

Click on this Nike SuperNatural! 

Running naturally is fun and healthy!