29 Dec 2010

Bodypaint TV: Bodypaint video - double check

Bodypaint TV: Bodypaint video - double check: "I am pasting the embed code from my post below this one just to make sure the code still works. EDIT: the code is still working! Many thank..."

Bodypaint TV: Shiny Silver Bodypaint

Bodypaint TV: Shiny Silver Bodypaint: "Another NSFW body paint video, after a bodypainting shoot using shiny metallic silver body paint this sexy girl had a bath in my paddling po..."

3 Dec 2010

Somewhere warm in this ffreezing wearther!

Its a bit chilly for my willy(though as you see below I'm not averse to a bit of naked fun in the snow!).
Still, here is a banner for the South's leading naturist/nudist/clothing optional club which has extensive facilities indoors,social functions and accomodation.
Take a look at their website!

Eureka Kent - Leading Naturist Health Spa Resort & Massage Therapy Centre

Well... I'm bare as a baby indoors, heating set to 20 degrees(don't want to overdo it!) just going to cook dinner!
Actually this is in a hol cottage in scotland in July, but I'm at the kitchen sink a lot at home in Kent!

Fun in the snow in Brighton

A really funny wonderful video of a naked man having fun with his very wrapped up neighbours in the streets of brighton! Just goes to show, nudity is not shameful and he didnt seem to feel the cold! Take care, I'm bare!

Matt Whistler's Merry Christmas 2010 Southover Street Brighton from Convict Films on Vimeo.


Yes, we have had several inches of snow here in Kent and it was -6 last night BUT that didnt stop me having a bit of fun in the garden at 6am this morning! Some might say its too chilly to expose your willy but actually it was my hands that felt coldest honestly! Here is a cpl of pics in natural light and b/w to say Happy Christmas to all!