22 Feb 2014

Oh No! Waking charity says Rural Paths in S.E. UK could be lost forever!

From the Kentish News Shopper---

Walking paths could be lost! 

And I love walking naturally as do lots of others in our beautiful countryside.............

Wonderful to be so much a part of nature, grass under bare feet, sun and air over my totally bare body! Try it for yourself.

13 Feb 2014

Filmed on Old Estate in S.London!

Yes, found on Vimeo, this group happy to be filmed naked on an estate in Elephant & castle, London, about to be demolished. I used to work there!
See Here!

Flashing Bodies Action Seven 'QR5' (Quiet Revolution) from pau ros on Vimeo.

9 Feb 2014

Shame starts when we put clothes ON!

Yes, surely there should be no shame in having no clothes on! This article is a revealing insight - leave a comment when you have read it!

Click here >>>  sexual-shame-and-guilt-starts-the-moment-we-put-clothes-on

I feel more at ease and shame-free when I am clothes-free!

Freesat,the no subscription tv!

Great little tv ad, Nothing On!

8 Feb 2014

Pure Escapsim!

Will Golden, clothes-free page, wonderful! Very Frank

Click Here >>>>>> Will Golden

Just wearing Paint!

A lady gets painted on "clothes" and goes out just wearing paint, something that is more difficult for a fella! But if you can just "wear" paint, why cn't you just wear skin!

Herewith the video! Sorry this vid no longer avail so I've sub one of nude outdoor bodypainting in New York, public nudity is allowed if it is deemed "art"!

Andy Golub Nude Outdoor Bodypainting - New York City 2014 from PhotoFreedom on Vimeo.