23 Apr 2012

Shame where there should be NONE?

It’s funny, isn’t it? Funny that we can promote the right to be naked, to enjoy our body, to feel freedom, all from the comfort of our own home. And we can pretend to disregard the idea of shame, all the while we tuck ourselves away into the remotest corners, into the forest, into the desert, in our own home, where nobody will find us. We haven’t fought for our rights, we have simply found places where they aren’t challenged. We haven’t proven that we feel no shame, in fact we have proven the exact opposite, that we don’t have the courage to be outspoken, that we are complacent living secretly amongst everyone else: we have proven that there is shame where there should be none. People fear what they do not know, and we have almost deliberately denied them the understanding of nudity that we have always known.”

17 Apr 2012

Rain at Last!

Yes its going to be a wet week but we need the water! Just got a "free" T-shirt from Vistaprint.co.uk, it's free apart from p&p and you pay a little to customise it if you want extra letters or your own picture but I got it in 3 days from ordering - see what you think,  it says "Nudist on Strike-1 day only!" Well I can wear it when I'm a bit chilly!

 It's good quality and you can get 3 Tshirts for the price of 1. Also I've had mugs,pens,post-it notes and address labels from them and they don't mind nude pictures(quite fun giving a visitor a mug of coffee with your nude picture on it!). 
So you've seen the front,here is the rear!

15 Apr 2012

Sunday-The China F1 Grand Prix

Was up early (no need to get dressed!) to catch the live action on BBC1 this morning, Nico Rosberg for Mercedes on his 1st pole with Schumaker starting 2nd, topsy turvy line-up with World Champ Vettel down in 11th.

What a race, Rosberg actually won, and hurray, Jensen Button(got his autograph last yr!) managed to get 2nd despite a near disastrous 2nd pit stop,he must be the lead driver at Maclaren now, though Hamilton managed to salvage 3rd!

So a good race, maybe I'll go to the British GP like this!!! Well, it's in the summer,so it should be warm enough!

11 Apr 2012

Another day Indoors!

Yes, we have a very cool wind out there, occasional sun and showers, not ideal for naturists, but at least there is NO need for clothes indoors, so until tomorrow, this is how you will find me, at the laptop in my best suit!

I have a couple of nice paintings in my lounge, done by my Bro-in-law brought back from Australia a few yrs ago, here is one of them.... being admired by yours truly!

3 Apr 2012

A Walk in Barcelona!

Nudity was allowed almost anywhere in Barcelona, but there have been recent changes so that,whilst not strictly illegal, if a complaint is made then an arrest can be served! This video was taken before the change and clearly shows that people are not fazed or offended by simple nudity onthe street!