30 Oct 2009

Autumn Leaves and Sun

The leaves are falling but the sun is shining, so it's too good an opportunity to get out into my favourite spot to be close to nature, the colours of the leaves contrasting with my skin and the feel of the sun and air all over me, bliss!

An area of heath and woodland where semi-wild ponies graze and where they come up to me so naturally as if they know that naked and unashamed I will not harm them and with their foals they totally accept me, wonderful!

I'm soo happy I jump for joy, the freedom of being totally clothesfree is too good to miss! I see my "bits" have jumped in unison with the rest of me too (no i'm not aroused but I could be I'm so happy!).

The sheer beauty of the autumn scene, deep coloured leaves against the cloudless sky, ponies roaming free, and my skin exposed to the air and sun feels so right.

Yes, I'm so happy here and soon the leaves will be gone, the trees as bare as me, and the winter winds and frosts will arrive, I will have to wait to get out in nature free again!