31 Jan 2011

Roll on Spring!

I am fed up with this cold weather! And we have had family all weekend, 10 plus a dog yesterday so no natural clothesfree time! And Ive caught a cold from the grandkids! Oh well, surfing clothesfree after some Beecham's All-in One!
Here's is a natty little vid, showing a nice naked lady and 2 men, it's amazing how many positions you can get into reading a book, enjoy!!

Animal Bibles - Seaberg Acrobatic Poetry 2007 from Steve Seaberg on Vimeo.

16 Jan 2011

Oh C'mon Spring!

This winter drags on, its been a bit milder past few days, I even had a jog round the garden in my skin after my morning shower, not for long but it woke me up, not sure if the neighbours caught a glimpse but if they did bet it brought a smile!
Didnt get any pictures, but to warm you up here is a vid of a wonderful young woman having an allover body massage, a nice thing to experience both giving and receiving!
Have a cool drink ready after you view this, you may need it!!

Anna Sensual Massage
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12 Jan 2011

A little Warmer!!

But not enough for outdoor clothesfreedom yet! So Ill have to be content with happily being myself indoors and putting on a couple of layers to go out!
Still surfing the net I came up with this extended video report of German naturists enjoying the outdoors and indoors totally naked and shamefree, enjoy and have a go yourself, it makes sense to be clothesfreeeee!

Spiegel TV - die nackte Freiheit - der Film in voller Länge from Alex Nackt on Vimeo.

3 Jan 2011

Naktiv Naked European Walking Tour 2011!

This is great, walking in the alps wearing a rucksack with all your worldly goods - but be sure to take a good pair of boots with you!

Surfing and emailing! Its Indoors in jan 2011!

Well I would LOVE to be outdoors wearing JUST a smile but its only 3 degs - my friend is in Orlando where it 26 degs in a villa with pool,oh bliss! Still I spend my computer time nice and naked..... me! If you want to email me, it's ian1@au-naturel.co.uk - happy surfing and all the best for a nice NUDE year!

Something for a cold winters night!

Yes, although I'm clothesfree at home, outdoors is just a dream - but the time will pass, warmer weather will arrive and Ill be able to be outdoors in my skin! Until then, here's a little vid of happy gals and lads taking part in the Roskilde nude race, organised by a radio station and enjoyed by all! Oh happy days....

Roskilde festival 2009
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