4 Aug 2011

2 August and its almost 30 degrees!

And it was so nice to have a couple of hours by the Thames to feel the warm river air allover me, sit and watch the boats going by and listen to the birds singing!
Not too far from civilisation, about 20 mins walk from the car and I'm out of my clothes and enjoying the shoreline, a small mound of stones with a square stone in the middle to sit on with my ba
re bum!
Mind you, it's nice to feel the bare earth under my bum looking out on the river,boats of various sizes from small sailing yachts to large container ships going past, giving the occasional wave from a naturally naked man!
It was a muggy day, not bright sun but certainly too warm to bother wearing anything!
I enjoy taking pictures of my nudist activities, I've been doing that for almost 30 yrs now and I've been naked in many many places! It just seems so natural to me - clothes are mostly a hindrance,so restricting, make me sweat so
WHY wear them? Am I so repugna
nt without any?
Its so much fun feeling the buttercups under bare feet, though these stones were a bit rough! But my feet are hardened to natural walking so it doesn't bother me, I really feel I'm a part of nature without artificial coverings.
The tide was coming in at quite a rate as I was by
the shore, and there were ponies in the field adjacent, though my peace was slightly interrupted by a man on a quad bike rounding them up,I doubt if he even noticed I was naked!
So, if you happen to come across a naked fella just being himself by the river, stop and say Hi, I'll only be too pleased to have a chat. You don't have to remove that unnatural covering over your skin, but I won't say no if you want to.
After all, we are the same people whether we wear anything or nothing! To be Naked is to be Yourself, To be Naked in Nature is to be at Peace with the World! And we should all try to be at peace with the world!