25 Jul 2011

Ive been busy!

Yes, Ive been busy, doing the kitchen and decorating the lounge, been able to do most of both in my skin, clothes are silly when you are working indoors! Here are a cpl of me happily being me stuck indoors, when I could be out, enjoying the sun!

2 Jul 2011

Not a lot happening!

Well, since my last post at end of may, Ive been busy decorating and sorting out the garden, most of which Ive done without the hindrance of clothing! Done both the kitchen and the lounge,the walls are awful to strip, but I'm stripped anyway!
It was pretty warm outdoors so it made sense to wear nothing while I was working, (I once decorated a neighbours flat in just my skin, she didn't mind as I was only charging for materials!).
Anyway, its almost done now, I will post another picture of my completed work soon but for now, take care and stay bare,I am!