6 Mar 2010

Its been a long cold winter!

Yes it just seems like ages since I was outdoors in my skin, we have had biting winds, some snow, and just freezing temperatures - but I've managed to keep positive, though I do admit to turning down the heat and wearing a top to save on the heating bills, I have an energy monitor and it's amazing what you can save by switching off instead of leaving on standby. I always sleep naked though, I just couldn't face wearing anything under my duvet!
And I always have my 1st drink of the day wearing just my skin, I have been out in tha garden for a quick "air-bath", wakes me up very quickly!
And its still warm enough and makes sense to do decorating clothesfree, saves o
n washing and just a quick dip under the shower will do!
And it's nice to think back to last summer, walking free in the countryside in the warm sun, wearing just my shoes,cap and a smile!
Maybe spring isn't too far away and I'll be enjoying the fresh air soon!
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