20 Feb 2011

France 4 Naturisme!

Here I am in the late 80's at Euronat by my trusty Lada... even drove to the beach like this in it!

Having been to Euronat on the Atlantic coast down from La Jenny and several other nudist resorts its easy to see why France comes tops for nude holidays, see for yourself with this video!

FRANCE 4 NATURISME 11 villages campings naturistes en France
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Crete Naturally!

Never been to Crete, only on the Greek mainland but it looks wonderful! Check it out yourself here!

NATUSTAR Hôtel naturiste Vritomartis Crète Grèce
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How to be a Nudist!

Found this on the Heroic Nudist blog quite funny but it may be a start for those who are clothes compulsive!

Nudism for Dummies
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Is Nudity Harmful?

Of course not! Some may be offended, but it has been conclusively proved that NO harm has been caused to anyone by simple nakedness!
For more see this website.....


And heres proof that total nakedness is totally acceptable! Earlier in this fashion show there were actually some clothes, but this clip has only nude models. The reaction from the commentators and spectators is refreshing, if believable. apart from the apparently outraged couple that leaves in a huff!

best of fashion tv - nude model oops
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Some true Naturist Pictures

Courtesy Ken and Janes kenfreehiker site...

Here this!

16 Feb 2011

Nude Hiking is wonderful!

Well in france, freehiking as its known to naturists is called "Randanue" and here is a video of a group of naturist hikers in the French gorges - why wear clothes in such stunning scenery, clothed hikers pass by totally unconcerned - after all they are doing the same thing except in sweaty cling clothes! So enjoy this video with music but french commentary.

Randonue des concluses 2010
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13 Feb 2011

Memory upgrades from Crucial.com - Determine My Memory Needs

Now you see it now you don't!!!

Memory upgrades from Crucial.com - Determine My Memory Needs

Well my laptop is running slow and seizing and Ive run sev fixit progs incl ccleaner and driver detective... still it doesnt stop me being clothesfree as I surf and do everything indoors!!!!! And having fun with my camera!

11 Feb 2011

A Wonderful Sunny Day!

Oh the 8th Feb and not a cloud in the sky, 10 degrees no wind and I HAD to get out in fields and woods OFF with the clothes and have a wonderful naked walk! The winter has been too long and my skin has been starved of the vitamin D wonderfully provided by sunlight on skin.
So I had a lovely walk across a field from the road, into the woods walking right alongside the M25(traffic rushing by a nice naked fella!) around another field with farmland adjacent and back into the woodland path, taking off my shoes feeling a leafy carpet under my bare feet, and back across the field, taking time to let the low very bright sun soak into my skin, and back to the road, reluctantly putiing on my clothes for he short journey back hom
I took some pictures of me along the way, hope you enjoy my clothesfreedom!
Its back to the rain today but the year is young, many more clothesfree walks to come!
Click on the pictures for a bigger view, hope to put more of my clothesfree adventures in 2011 in here as the year warms up! Take a look at the rest of my pages, clothesfree fun for all! Take care, stay bare.... I will!

4 Feb 2011

Roll on June!

And the Naked bike rides! A video courtesy of i-naked info (see http://i-naked.info/socially-nude/how-to-ride-in-a-naked-bike-ride/index.html )
Just happy people and it looks so much fun!

Naked Bike Ride - London 2010 from Mike Hellers on Vimeo.

1 Feb 2011

Nudity in religion and way of Life!

Diksha is the Indian religious way to find Nirvana and mant times the monks are naked as part of the lifestyle practice.
Here is a little video outlining this way of life, totally shamefree and accepted!

Diksha - trailer from Hemal on Vimeo.