4 May 2010

Its May and I'm OK!-(In my best suit!).

Well, we have had a very dry April here in Kent and the last week was nice warm and sunny and I was able to at last have a couple of nice walks, clothesfree, in the countryside and by the river Thames!
Exploring an old fort, looking out over the Thames on a lovely warm April morning, great to h
ave the fresh air sun and exercise to tone up my body after a long cold winter!

The fort is in ruins but is looked after and its wonderful to walk round it naked and naturally, basking in the sun and just being myself.
The ri
ver is on the other side and you can see for miles over the Kent countryside from where I am in this picture!

On the river side, its great to be naked and watch the ships going up and down the Thames, cargo boats and all manner of craft, even waving as they go past on their journey!

Walking by the river seeing the birds and feeling the fresh river air all over me, sounds,sights and smells filling my senses!

Here I am,standing in one of the former gun placements, its a good job there isn't a gun here now!
The fort was perfectly placed to protect the Thames south of London from ship attack.

Its a great place to be a part of and wonderful to be naked and free!

Now for a nice walk in the countryside in the springtime, leaves just coming on the trees and the country awakening to the sunshine, just makes me want to leave my worries and my clothes behind me and walk in the skin I was made in!

Bare feet in the grass, I feel no shame in baring all(well I have left my cap on!) to the air and being fully a part of nature, we should all do this as we realise that everything we do impacts upon our environment and we should respect it!

I live in a bit of a "concrete jungle" and it's difficult to be out in my garden and not upset the neighbours when I want to be free of clothes, although I do have a right to be myself!
So I like to wander free and just take all this natural beauty in.

I may see a few people as I roam, and I do carry a "cover-up" for my maleness(under my cap!) though I don't rush to do that as I'm doing nothing illegal or underhand, simply enjoying nature and my surroundings naturally!

Looking out over farmland and the vista in front of me makes me realise how small and fragile we are and why we should take time to appreciate who and what we are and how we relate to our surroundings.
My body is not just mine, it's part of nature, humanity and was made by my God and therefore no shame in being as I was ma

So, I'll be continuing my clothesfree natural walks as often as I am able, spring,summer,autumn and even in winter!
Looking forward to being free in woodland,field,and anywhere I can be.
If you see me, stop and say hello,good-day and I will always have a smile for you!

Come back here and see more I hope!

If you want to see the pictures fullsize, just click on them!

Finally for this day, here I am composing this at home at the computer, a clothesfree home!

All the very best to you all, whther you are clothed or not, it makes no difference to me, I treat all the same, but I ask you to respect my wish to be nude,naked,bare,clothesfree,AS I WAS BORN!

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