20 Mar 2007


Well, its getting towards SPRINGTIME,the clocks go forward this weekend and its time to "dust off" my body and prepare for the sun and air!
Nothing like a walk in the lovely countryside in just my shoes... listening to the birds, seeing squirrels,rabbits and foxes go about their business(they don't wear clothes!) and just being a part of the flora and fauna - even meeting semi-wild ponies who seem to accept me more in my natural state.
I have found on my many walks that I seem to be much closer to nature when I am totally clothesfree and whilst occasionally meeting clothed(textile?) walkers if I am myself and greet them with a smile and a cheery "good day" I am accepted for what I am, just another human enjoying God's creation. I never try and "cover-up" and why should I..we are all the same under our clothes and I am doing nothing illegal, just being myself!
I have already been out clothesfree in February when the temp was 10 degrees and little wind, a pleasant day but all the trees were as nude as me!
So, if you want to join me you are most welcome, as long as you accept the concept that "To be Naked is to be Yourself...to be Naked in Nature is to be at Peace with the World!".
For more information go to www.british-naturism.org.uk also see www.barewitness.org and www.go-bare.org and if you like cycling visit www.wnbr.org
All the best!

16 Mar 2007

Just another day!

Well, it could be almost anyday, but as the sun is shining I will continue my clothesfreedom from indoors to outdoors!

Yes I am going on a natural ramble in our lovely Kent countryside wearing just my shoes and a smile, surely thats ALL you need to wear when the weather smiles on you!

I have done quite a lot of natural rambles and have met a number of other, clothed, walkers with no negative reactions, a cheery "good day" is the right greeting, as I am totally unclothed apart from my shoes(and I wouldn't even wear those if the conditions underfoot allowed!) there is no reason to think I am "flashing" as I am not, just enjoying the country and nature as it should be enjoyed.... "To be Naked is to be Oneself, to be Naked in Nature is to be at Peace with the World!" is my motto.

I usually carry a pair of shorts with me(the rest of my clothes being in the car, though I have driven clothesfree quite often!), ready to put on if anyone objects, though this has never happened.

So here I am sat NIFOC..thats Nude In Front Of Computer.....in my best suit, my "one-button" suit, the one that fits me best... looking out on the sun outdoors and in a couple of hours I will be out there, listening to the sound of the birds in the trees and the breeze all over my skin...lovely!

If anyone out there wants to correspond, you can find me at ian1@barebones.co.uk

Just being Yourself without the encumbrance of clothes is a real stressbuster!

All the very best to all who read this!