18 Mar 2009

Back to the grindstone!

Yes its back to household chores for a while BUT as long as I can do them clothesfree I don't mind! After all, why wear anything to do the washing-up or cooking? So for now, I'll take care and STAY BARE!!

Hurray! 17 March and a warm sunny day!!

At last its been warm enough to get outdoors after a long winter and enjoy the sun and air in our lovely countryside!
I have to confess that when we had some snow in Feb I was tempted to walk in the garden in just my shoes.... did I? YES I DID! Nice and refreshing too!! >>>>>>>>>> >
Well its not every year we get some snow!!!!

Anyway, back to March and after a little chill in the night, its been quite warm during the day for this week so having a little "me" time I visited a nice little area not far from home where with care it's possible to walk wearing just shoes and a smile for a couple of hours and not meet a soul - well perhaps a couple of clothed people walking their dogs but I do always try and cover up as I don't want to offend anyone, although the sight of a natural body should not be offensive to anyone these days! So here I am enjoying the peace of our lovely countryside.......come and join me sometime!