26 Feb 2013

Naturists With Disabilities

This is an issue that is close to my heart, people with disabilities should not be excluded from any activity... read this:- naturists-with-disabilities=


Bare your Soles!

Yes, its good for your health! Click the link below!

Bare Your Soles 

Of course I bare a bit more than just my soles but that's me! I prefer to bare all and its wonderful walking barefoot,bare-all in nature!

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Running naturally is fun and healthy!

24 Feb 2013

Blimey! Its nearly end of Feb - where's it gone?

Yes, we are into 2013 by 6 weeks and I just don't know where the time has gone! The weather has been darn cold, so thank goodness for central heating and double glazing.... though on occasions Ive had to wear T-shirt and shorts!Or Just a T!
I've been busying myself writing to our M.P.,and govt. ministers re the Atos scandal of disabled people being declared fit for work,lots on the net about this, just see http://www.facebook.com/groups/DisabledPeopleFightBack/
even had a visit from our M.P., though I doubt much will come from that but I am pursuing this as it's close to my heart.
Naturist wise, not a lot going on, or is there? British Naturism have a weekend at a Blackpool hotel, very well attended, this morning there was a naturist trip up Blackpool Tower - must be a 1st!, Here's a lucky chap standing naked on the glass floor 500ft up wow!
There are naturist happenings all round the world of course but at home it's nice that Steve Gough aka the Naked Rambler has at last made it home,albeit with several arrests and court appearances naked with no charges being upheld, nudity is ok! So I'll just go and make a naked chicken casserole for lunch, take care and stay bare!
Clothed to naked - a natural choice!