29 Jul 2013

A Naturist hero!

Lady God1Va!
Yes Lady God1va (notice the 1 instead of i) is a true naturist heroine, read this reblogged from Naked Historian, click here > http://nakedhistorian.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/heroes-of-naturism-1-lady-god1va-2/

She also has her own website see here > http://ladygod1va.wordpress.com/

Yes, a true example of a lovely naturist woman, who is not afraid to espouse the virtues of natural nakedness! Good on you!

22 Jul 2013

Naked Vegan Cooking!

Have a look at this website, it is becoming more popular...cooking, vegan cooking and naked vegan cooking! Some good recipes or submit your own!
Click here ----> http://nakedvegancooking.com/about/

And do some naked cooking......


21 Jul 2013

Then And Now!

Yes, its 10 yrs between these 2 pictures, the first in 2003 at a holiday cottage in Norfolk  and the 2nd taken today (21 July 2013) at home, hope I can take a similar one in 2023! You never know, I've been a nudist/naturist all my life - came into this world naked and will leave it naked! Take care, I'm bare!

Here I am in 2003 in the holiday cottage in Norfolk.....
And as I am now today 21 July 2013..........

Still as Naked as Ever and happy to be so!

20 Jul 2013

Naked Cycling by the Thames!

Another hot July day and I cycled and walked by the Thames just the sun and light breeze covering me!


18 Jul 2013

17 Jul 2013

Yes its Hot!

30 degess forecast today, but this amusing clip from TV's Trinny and Susannah show that most people are not fazed by nudity so why wear clothes this hot weather?
Trinny & Susannah Great British Body 3 by penguin_2012

13 Jul 2013

Blimey, it's mid-july!

Can't believe we've passed mid-summer, and I haven't posted since end of May!
There has been quite a lot happening in the clothes-free world, not least the many Naked Bike rides in London, Manchester, Southampton, Brighton, Portsmouth, York and this year Canterbury! All of which went very well, the clothed onlookers happily cheering and taking pics of the naked riders.....
 Even the Police are happy to join in with the natural nudity.. so Why can't we ride naked anytime?......
 So that was June, weather was ok but JULY has been so much better and at last after a darn long chill winter I can get out into the outdoors and chuck all my clothes off!
By the river......
 At a deserted fort......
 And even on my bike!.....
Soooo, sun, stay around for a while, being naked is wonderful, feeling the warmth and and gentle breeze all over your body(but take care not to get burned!) and have some natural clothes-free fun!