17 Aug 2008

A Mixed Summer!

Well, it has been a mixed bag of weather this year, haven't managed to get out as much as I would have liked but I have been to my 2 favourite clothesfree walking places, even walked shoes-only in the rain, quite pleasant and kept my clothes dry!

There seem to be more and more people taking up the joy of walking clothesfree, I managed a walk with someone who is a keen member of a local naturist club, but my duties as f.t.carer for my wife mean I haven't got the time to go out when the weather is fair still I am clothesfree nearly all the time at home! And at the end of July we managed a week away at a lovely cottage near hereford with totally private garden and orchard field, 100 yds from the road bliss for natural naked living!

So here are a few pictures from this year's clothesfree activities, clothes to me are a hindrance and only for protection from hazards!

2 Apr 2008

Hurray! April and its getting warmer!

At last its warm enough to be outdoors in my skin and not have to rely on clothes to keep me warm... oh the fresh air all over me!

The winter in this country is near enough 6 months long, but there are budding leaves on the trees and a bit of colour in the garden, so I have been out for an hour wearing just my shoes and a smile... hope to have a couple or 3 mile walk tomorrow!

Spring has sprung at last! Cheers to all who are natural people!!

To be naked is to be yourself! The human body being God's creation can never be considered obscene or lewd but shame is in tn eye of the beholder!

4 Jan 2008

Winter drawers on!

Oh I hate the winter... really got the blues! Not much sun, cold,damp and dingy. Still you can't have everything, there has been Christmas to celebrate and the New(d) Year! Thought I would get dressed(!) esp. for the occasion....... actually went out the back door,down the alley and round in the street to the front door and brought this year in wearing paint!!