26 Feb 2017

I've been away a while!

Yes I've not been here for a while, but I'm still the same, clothing challenged person I've been for the past 50+yrs!
Yes, I'm wearing just a smile as I write this, it's winter here but very mild(10deg) and sunny so perfectly possible to be in garden nude!
I've had some personal health issues - not serious and my wife is taking more looking after but that hasn't stopped my love of being myself in my skin, and a recent court case regarding a naked handyman in which common sense prevailed and shows that simple nudity is NOT illegal. http://naturistactiongroup.org/2017/02/naked-carpenter-not-guilty-verdict/
So, I'm quite happy being naked both indoors and in my garden, I have a nice female neighbour who is quite ok with seeing all of me and we chat over the fence and even her leaning out of her upstairs window!
I hope I can now be a bit more active here now, Spring is coming and I'll be outdoors wearing just a smile!

Oh I love being naked, I love being nude,
I take ALL my clothes off, it's not at all rude!
Yes, I love being naked, I love being bare...
And I shave my Pubic hair!!!