20 Mar 2013

Summer Holiday!

Why not think about Cap d'Agde (or Le'Cap as naturists call it!) for a totally naturist relaxing holiday, it's the "Nude City" in France.... Here's a film about it, but give yourself an hour to watch it!

Cap d'Agde - Naked City by BareBather

17 Mar 2013

A female Naturists Perspective

For any woman a little apprehensive about baring all... Click Here!

Women come in all shapes and sizes and everyONE is NORMAL!

6 skin-dressed ladies!


15 Mar 2013

Naturism-What is it?

A web page via bbc!


And simple nudity in public is NOT illegal as this picture of a happy couple and a very happy P.C. at the Brighton naked bike ride shows!

So be a naturist, it makes sense! 


Yes it's Comic Relief time again, time to give some hard-earned to the less fortunate, so get texting APP to 70005 to donate £5.... or go to comicrelief.com - and wear your red nose with pride!
I'm wearing mine!

12 Mar 2013

A new naturist is born!

A little trepidation at first but after a couple of minutes, hey so we are all naked so what! 

Click here> Taking a splash! 

8 Mar 2013

Naturist holidays and more!

A very interesting informative site for holidays and other things au-naturel!

Click here... Naturist Holiday Info!

Nothing like being clothes-free on holiday!


Singing with Nudes!

An interesting short film using natural bodies to compliment the singing!

6 Mar 2013

The True Story of The Naked Rambler

Steve Gough aka the Naked Rambler has been persueing his naked walking for several years now, with a lot of that time spent in jail for being nothing more than himself. Another blogsite has detailed these as follows:-

The Naked Rambler