13 Aug 2010

July and August,it's summer!

Hurray! No clothes needed indoors and out, its warm,occasionally hot and so far very dry! Had a week visiting Sis and family in S.Scotland in July, left kent baking in 30 degrees and had showery cool weather. Nice cottage, good for clothesfree living...
And though we were visiting family I did have some nice naked time courtesy of www.welcomecottages.co.uk - no complaints at all! Sunning in the garden, relaxing indoors-even checking the car over in the driveway!
Returning to Kent still in 30 degrees , silly wearing clothes and easier to keep cool and sweatfree! Had a few clothesfree walks and spent days naturally naked from getting up to going to bed and of course in bed(duvet not req!). July was the warmest and driest for sev. yr's!