17 Oct 2013

Another Naturist Blogger!

Yes, Guy and Carla Purcella have this interesting blog on their clothes-free life!

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I'm staying in my best suit! Ciao!


13 Oct 2013

What IS the big deal about a Penis!!

Male full-frontal nudity in cinema! Oh well... Click below!

The be all and end all! 

Me? I just go with the flow, bare-all and be myself!


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Or daring to bare

Free Beaches - Free Humans
The idea that the body is perverse and needs to be regulated is a perversion of your own mind and a reflection of your own suffering!
Looking back at history we can see that clothing is a modern invention, and something most of us despite our resistance as children have developed an attachment to so much so that most people are afraid to bare all in public. The Christian church helped reform peoples attitudes to their bodies and like pleasure, bodies became something to be ashamed of.
This caused our bodies to become politicised and regulations were passed prohibiting public nudity to the extent in some countries of prohibiting mothers from breast feeding their babies which is a crime against humanity. The modern media in present time perverted the idea of the human body and have made it another commodity that’s used to support the marketing of goods and services and that consequently divides us further from our bodies.
So, over the past couple of thousand years, a large portion of the western population has developed a very unhealthy attitude towards their own body and peoples bodies in general. In the public consciousness, the imperfect body has no value and consequently the individual has less value unless they have financial and social power while the beautiful are far more appreciated and have higher status in society.
Our attitudes toward our bodies are for most people, less than healthy and like carrying shame for being less than perfect, the concealment. Not only conceals the body, but it also conceals our wounds and illnesses which eventually leads to unhappiness and an early death.
Quite often the parents of small children will let the child play naked for a time, and is clear that children love their bodies and love being naked, so much so that they often make a fuss when they are forced to dress. As a consequence, such innocent Plato is soon restricted and the child forced to conform. As the child grows, this conformity simply becomes a lifetime habit and they are indoctrinated into the public mind set.
The International Naturist Federation defined naturalism as “a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterized by self-respect of people with different opinions and of the environment.
“In Germany, the free body-culture movement,Freik√∂rperkultur, promoted nudism and a new respect for the body unfettered by society’s constraints. Being healthy meant displaying a body that emanated the very glow of nature—the sun. Everyone from the avant-garde artists of Weimar to Hitler embraced the ideal of the robust, sun-kissed body. Tanned skin became the height of chic, embodying the opposite class distinction that it had during the previous century. And, it joined seawater and sea air as the panacea du jour. In 1944 The Journal of the American Medical Association promoted the sun, air and sea trifecta as a cure for everything from tuberculosis (still) to a cold. Companies capitalized on the sun’s appeal by promoting contraptions like a personal hothouse that captured “health rays” right out of your backyard.” ~ The Historic Healing Power of the Beach by Adee Braun of The Atlantic
This counterculture movement in Germany is perhaps reminiscent echo of ancient Greek sentiment when the body was celebrated as a work of art to be displayed and admired. One thing is certain about a naked body is that the state of health is far more apparent than that of someone fully dressed. However, the revival of naturism in Germany and some parts of the United States fell from favour as Germany’s true intentions were revealed.
“We need to know that nudism can happen, nudism should happen, and that people will be safe and free to experience this fundamental joy of being. There is a light within each of us, and clothing only serves to eclipse that light.” ~ Author of “Nudism Happens” captioned images and Naturism as a Way of Living.
We need to get past Obviously, Wearing clothing to protect us from all our industry, yet socially it is healthier to remain naked as this puts us in touch with our fundamental reality which cuts across class and may even help to reduce gender confusion.
It is believed by some that seeing each other naked and she provides a sense of comfort and security that reduces the likelihood of rape and sexual assault. Within our society, there is a great thirst for the sight of naked bodies, and this thirst is being denied. Which leads to a great deal of perversion which we referred to as sex crime.
If we deprive anyone of a requirement for life, they will either give up and die. Although will fight and use any means available to satisfy their needs. So spending more time naked together may be just what the doctor ordered to improve the functioning of our society and put all the jealousy, rage, hatred and mistrust and put the feelings that “break” the world behind us!
If you want to try spending time naked outside of the bathroom bedroom, like me, you have to find some like-minded friends and for it to be outside, you need a degree of privacy and a significant rise in temperature. But also on a practical level, one needs to be involved and vote for a naked friendly local government and help people to get over themselves.

What do YOU think? Will YOU try being clothes-free for a day,a week....? I did 50 yrs ago and I'm very happy to be clothes-free,naked,nude,with anyone of like mind,what you look like is of no importance!