19 Jan 2012

My Penis-And Everyone Else's!

Not that I am fixated about this part of my body,as far as I'm concerned,it's just another part of me like my hands,feet,nose and ears, so why be embarrassed about showing it... anyway this ch4 documentary(it's 55mins long) goes into the why's and wherefore's of what men think of their willies!
So if you want to watch,here is the link! http://vimeo.com/11094452

14 Jan 2012

Naked Vegan Cooking!

As seen on the Ch4 documentary, "My Daughter is a Teenage Nudist" - see the website here...

Here is a nice naked vegan cook....

I'm not a vegan, but I appreciate the goodness of the food and I like to cook naturally naked, although I sometimes wear an apron esp. if using the oven!

My daughter,The Teenage Nudist

As seen on Ch4 on 12/01/2011..... I posted a link to the full show but it's been withdrawn, shame, but those in the UK can still watch it on channel4OD online!

13 Jan 2012

Say Balls To Cancer!

Yes, support the charity that's raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancer in men, buy their calendar! Go to http://www.ballstocancer.com/ and help to get this cancer defeated!

Today is pantsless friday, I need no incentive to get my pants and everything else off!