22 May 2011

had a totally naked day today!

Yes, since getting out of bed I've been like this, had brekkie, lunch and dinner, watched the Spanish F1 G.P., seen Manchester United dump Blackpool from the Premier league into the Championship(sob,sob) and done all my chores without so much as a sock on!
Going to have my evening drink and then to bed - it will be a full 24 hrs since wearing anything and its been a pleasure, I could live this this 24/7 x 365! Its been a warm day and if only I could do my shopping in my skin, I could if I lived in a naturist centre like Cap d'Agde in france or Cypress Cove in Florida!
Oh well, I suppose I'll have to put some clothes on tomorrow, but Ill be getting em off when I get home.... Oh, nearly forgot, check out this link to naturist walkers in France, it has an english translation but the pictures don't need translating, the natural way to walk!

15 May 2011

World Naked Gardening Day 14 May

Yes, and if its warm enough why wear anything to do your weeding although I would recommend shoes and gloves if you are doing anything that involves pruning or mowing!
Still I did a little weeding and some tidying although I prefer to leave a patch at the bottom of the garden that is natural (a bit like me here!) and untouched by human hand for the wildlife.
And who cares what the neighbours think? Havent they seen a willy before? Mine certainly have! Take care, I'm bare!

8 May 2011

Ponies on my Walk!

Yes, a nice clothesfreee walk on 5 April saw me in an area of heath and woodland which I love walking naturally naked in, and it seems this year there has been an increase in the number of ponies, some lovely foals too!
Over the fence, strip off my clothes and off up the path, birds singing, warm spring sun!

Into a clearing, a couple of cottages in the distance - sit on a fallen tree in the shade. Nice to feel the sun on every part of me, fresh air, what could be more natural?

No shame, just a feeling of oneness, still got my shoes on but they will come off too in a mo, very few people come here, wonder why not?
I don't mind if they are clothed or not as long as they don't mind me being here naturally dressed in my skin, I may have a few wrinkles here and there and my shape isn't what it was but its ME!

So I'll walk a little further, kick off my shoes and there they ARE, ponies don't wear clothes and they certainly are much more at ease with me naked and normal! Yes Ill take off my shoes so I can be 100 percent naked, nude, bare, with those lovely creatures! They approached me with no fear, even licking my hand, totally accepting me as another natural creature! So Here's to many more naturally naked walks with nature, don't be alarmed if you see me totally clothesfree!

Bluebells in April!

I originally published this on 14 April, but it somehow got deleted so here goes again!

Heard on TV that the bluebells were out early here in Kent so I decided to go in search of them! It was a good excuse for a nice clothesfree walk, the day was overcast but warm and no wind so I arrived at the entrance to the woods and duly got naked!
It was some way to the bluebell
area so I enjoyed a leisurely walk on the woodland paths, stopping to rearrange some branches someone had arranged as a sort of wigwam!

Then it was off again, walking completely naked, not even shoes, enjoying the peace of nature, no-one around, just me and the birds,trees and other wildlife, this IS the way to enjoy the outdoors!

Then they they were, a carpet of bluebells either side of the path to enjoy, careful, they are a protected species, much as it would have bee
n nice to pick some, not allowed, an as I am a committed conservationist as well as a naturist, I just knelt down to admire them!
They don't show up very well on the picture, click on each for a larger version of me and nature! Well it was soon time to leave and I heard the approach of a clothed (Textile to us naturists!) walker so I slipped on my shorts, and went on my way, into the clothed world!