7 Nov 2010

Brrr! Only 2 degrees overnight!

Looks like the end of the mild weather, it was 16 overnight cpl of days ago, wind coming from the north! Still I'll stay in my "best suit" indoors!

Having my 1st cup of the day, straight out of bed! And yes I am sporting an erection, quite normal upon waking for most males so I have no qualms about anyone seeing me as it's totally natural!

Must be a stiff drink!

Oh well, better go and get and showered and shaved and ready for the day, but I'm not wearing anything - not going out, going to watch the Brazillian GP this after, so Ill have a full 24 hrs wearing nothing but a smile!

If you ring my doorbell please do not be concerned if I answer like this - its my day dress!

Anyone is welcome in my apartment, dressed or not, so all the best and enjoy the rest of the pages here!

1 comment:

hans said...

yes, a very nice erection and yes again it is very natural to have one. Thanks for being so natural. And yes again, I will find it very natural when you answer my doorbell in this outfit.