10 Mar 2011

8 March and the sun comes out! Time to go out!

Spring has arrived I think, there is some blossom on the trees,and it's getting above 10 degreesC for the 1st time in months! I did have a short clothesfree walk in the country on 8 Feb(see earlier posts) but Im hoping that the weather will stay mild now March has come, though it has been a chill wind lately.
So 4 weeks to the day after my 1st naked outing of the year and this time I enjoyed a different area of woodland and fields in the bright springtime sun, sheep in the fields and some new blossom on some of the trees.
It was oh, so peaceful, no-one around except for a solitary
man walking his dog, who wasn't bothered that I was dressed only in cap and shoes, while he had a thick jacket trousers and boots! I spent a lovely almost 2 hrs wandering the wood and farmfields, just what I need after the long winter.
Had time to stop for a little snack on the seat kindly provided by the Ramblers Association, not sure how many clothesfree walkers have used it, but I was grateful!
Oh well - here's to a long warm summer, we need it!
If you want bigger pictures, just click on them, Im using a new casio exilim 14mp camera, trouble is, it shows all my wrinkles! Take care, I'm

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