13 Apr 2011

April Showers? No way!

The 1st week of April has been unusually warm here in Kent and unfortunately I couldnt enjoy it as much as I would have liked as I had a bereavement and other family matters but the Friday 8th was glorious, a cloudless sky, 23 degrees and hardly a breeze and I HAD to get out and get some sun and air without the hindrance of those constricting things called clothes!
I decided to walk along the Thames shore to Shorne Fort - hopefully there would not be too many people around and hurray, I only came across 1 other and he was riding his mountain bike and didnt give a fig that I was clothesfree!
I managed to spend a very happy 3 hrs totally free to the sun and air, walking along the shingle, watching the ships on the river and exploring the fort as these pictures show me natural, shamefree and naked!
Click on each picture for a larger version if you can "bare" it! And click on the large picture for an even LARGER one, damn my new camera shows all my wrinkles... still thats how Im made and I dont care, I'm staying bare!!!

!Yes it Was a lovely day!!! May there be many more this year........

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