17 Apr 2012

Rain at Last!

Yes its going to be a wet week but we need the water! Just got a "free" T-shirt from Vistaprint.co.uk, it's free apart from p&p and you pay a little to customise it if you want extra letters or your own picture but I got it in 3 days from ordering - see what you think,  it says "Nudist on Strike-1 day only!" Well I can wear it when I'm a bit chilly!

 It's good quality and you can get 3 Tshirts for the price of 1. Also I've had mugs,pens,post-it notes and address labels from them and they don't mind nude pictures(quite fun giving a visitor a mug of coffee with your nude picture on it!). 
So you've seen the front,here is the rear!

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