17 Jun 2012

And I thought it was World Naturism Day!

Yes, seems I got it wrong! But every day can be a naturist day cant it? 
E.g. today..>
6am,woke with sun streaming through window, straight out of bed, in my skin, made coffee, and out into garden fresh air all over me!
Yes the grass is a bit long but I'll cut it tomorrow!
I have a couple of trees which partly shield me frm neighbours but I'm not bothered, it's just me!

Then its into the bathroom for a shower and a shave,yes I do shave "down there", use a philips bodygroom! Again, it's just me,though a lot of naturists do shave their pubic areas, I find it cleaner - and I spose it makes my willy look a bit longer!

After my ablutions it's brekkie time - either toast or cereal and another coffee, outdoors or in, no need to dress, naturists don't!

Then it's time to check emails (and update this blog!) and do any other work on laptop.... never do it any other way than skindressed!

Mind you the postman may call but he is used to my natural state and we have a laugh!

I must do some housework which is silly done wearing anything than a smile, I'll wash the dishes and hoover and decorate quite happily singing in the nude!  I don't know what it is, but I'm far happier totally bare than clothed although if it is chilly I'll wear a Tshirt, I find clothes just too restricting,tight pants can restrict blood flow and create backache symptoms.

Well, maybe time to check the car, we have now got a Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle(or WAV) for my disabled wife and here I am checking the oil and preparing the ramp!
(Vehicle courtesy of Allied Vehicles,Glasgow).

Well, I think you can see  I do all I can without the hindrance of clothes, as long as it is reasonably warm I do not wear anything unless I need to.
Heck, I've even driven this vehicle as I am on the ramp!

So, I'll cook some lunch, and yes I'm a naked chef,though I do sometimes put an apron on.....!
Oh well, I can't help it if I'm a little more endowed than Michelangelo's "David" !.

Lunch over, some more housework, washing clothes(mostly my dear wife's) and maybe a chat with the neighbour who sometimes pops in - she doesn't mind me in my 1-button suit.

Maybe watch some TV, like deal or no Deal, I like musical programmes, not a lot of sport except motor racing!
After tea, relax, do some reading or on laptop, tweeting and maybe logon to Iplayer, then a light drink and off to bed, I don't own any "P.J.,s" silly garments, just slide under the duvet in my skin, so it's been 24 hrs and I've not worn a stitch, happily naturist! Good nite all!

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