2 Jul 2012

A Dawn Walk!

A few days ago, I woke at 4am with the dawn almost breaking and it was warm,with no wind, so I thought,why not have a nice countryside totally clothesfree walk to bring in the new(d) day?
So out of bed,slip on shorts Tshirt and shoes and into the car, drive to a little country lay-by, off with everything except the shoes and step out of the car bare to the air,lovely!
 Over a little stile and off up a little track,just shoes and cap and my camera,nothing to hide my natural dress, a little cool but soon warmed up by walking, through a woodland track and across a rail track, just after I pased and early morning train came by! Not much sun yet but nice to be in such lovely countryside and not bothered by anyone who might object to my natural nakedness!

I walked across fields and in and out of woodland -over 2 hours seeing just rabbits,foxes and hearing the dawn chorus, just wonderful,feeling so natural without anything covering my skin! If I had come across another walker,I'm sure that there would be no objection as I'm simply enjoying nature,naturally.Couldn't resist taking a picture of me enjoying the poppies in a farmfield,great to see them! Back across the railway line,stopping to take a slightly daring picture on a branch line to London! I found another track which took me across a moto x circuit, no-one about at 630am - just the sounds of the birds..

  And so along more tracks,through some more woodland,and out along another field - hope my car is still there with my small coverings in it ot I'll have a naked walk home!

Back down the side of the woodland with the village vista in front of me, with the fresh morning air and sunlight all-over me. 

At the bottom of the field which adjoins a motorway,traffic rushing 
by, is a stile and the lane 
where I left my car, no-one about so why not drive home wearing just a smile? Yes, I did, 5 miles and it was nice. So back home at 730am, had a nice "full english"(ready for that after my naked exercise!) and enjoyed it in my 1 button suit!

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