9 May 2013

A Christian and a Naturist!

Is being a Christian compatible with being a Naturist? Well I certainly think so! Let's face it, we are born naked and in God's image, he made us so there is nothing shameful in our bodies, the shame comes from impure thoughts and actions. Here is a vicar and a naturist who shares his thoughts and life here:-
The naturist vicar on Nudity and Faith  

Its a lovely article on the confusion between nudity and sex and that simply being in our natural state should be no barrier to communicating with our maker.

I say my prayers naturally dressed in what God gave me, my skin, here I am as each morning I pray....

Pray for Peace in this world and harmony between all people whether they are clothed or not!


Sree myth said...

lovely prayer. I do join with you in prayer for world peace naturally from here. May beings be in peace and healthy :)

NaturalMike said...

Thank you Sree Bless you.

Christopher Mitchell said...

Problem with your naturism is that while it looks appealling, it doesn't bring you closer to God.

The Bible doesn't condemn nudity, but Jesus prayed for unity in the Body of the church.

Where exactly is that "Unity" in a lifestyle that causes People who prefer to be without clothes to distance themselves from people who DO wear Clothes?

NaturalMike said...

I don't distance myself from people who wear clothes rather it is the other way round, I am not welcome to most clothed people when I am naturally dressed in the skin God gave me.