6 Sep 2013

Me by the Thames!

Well, it has been a very warm week so I decided to have a little time down by the Thames and cycled(clothed!) from my house to an area that is sparsely populated(about a cpl of miles away) where I could dispense of shorts and T and cycle "shoes-only!"another couple of miles along the shoreline 'twixt river and countryside,brill in the warm air..... then off the bike by a nature reserve on the Thames marshes, many varieties of birds but no humans thank goodness, ships passing by and shoe-less and clothes-less feeling nature under me,over me and all around me!

 Here's a couple of little films posted as private on youtube of me enjoying total clothes-freedom in this lovely area! Enjoy! 

Clothes-free by the Thames 


My Movie from mike george on Vimeo.


Gerry said...

Hi. I can't view the videos as they are marked "Private".

Gerry said...
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NakedMike said...

G'day Mike.
Like Gerry I couldn't watch your videos as they are marked private.
Regards Mike.

NaturalMike said...

Damn I'll put a vimeo link that might sort it!