12 Mar 2012

March - a cool month!

Yes, a couple of really cold days but dry and settled,looks like we are going to face water restrictions shortly! We have had the driest year for a long time but I'm doing my bit with water saving devices in the loo and only doing washing when there is a full load. And I'm not going to water the garden except with waste water.
That apart, I continue to be a n
aturist at in mind,body and spirit, (indoors for the time being!).If there is a reason for wearing clothes when you are warm enough without I would like to hear it, there are plenty of reasons not to... http://econudes.org/page/205-arguments-and-observations-support-naturism
so I'm naturally clothesfree as I write this! Hope you agree with my thoughts,whatever your views,let me know!

What Naturism Has Taught Me

Naturism has taught me some important life lessons. I list them in no particular order:

1. Greater respect for women. I no longer see women’s bodies in a totally sexual way. I can empathize with the issues women face in regards to body image, topless freedom, objectification, and exploitation. I don’t understand Playboy magazine or strip clubs. Why do men pay to see nude women prance around??

2. Understanding sexuality. Nudity does not equal sex. Being nude is not an invitation for sexual activity. Nudity is just normal and part of the human experience.

3. Kinship with indigenous peoples around the world. Having technology doesn’t make you superior, in some ways technology diminishes us. There are 7 billion people in the world and the drain on resources is destroying the planet. But yet we in the First World look down upon indigenous people who live nude and in harmony with nature. Our titillation and fascination with nudity would seem strange to them. I’m not a Luddite or advocating living in a cave, but we have lost all balance with nature.

There are probably more lessons learned but those are the main ones.

(Source: naturistreview.wordpress.com)

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