14 Sep 2012

Being a Nudist isn't about getting naked!

Well, of course I am naked but here some thoughts from another blogger with which I heartily concur! The link is http://vegannakedpagan.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/  and the text is :- 
Being a nudist isn’t just about getting naked!

The above statement is my opinion.  I am a nudist for several reason.  It isn’t just about getting naked.  Now, I do enjoy that part, but that isn’t all there is.
Nudism is about physical health.
Fresh air and sunshine are physically good for you.  Back before the invention of penicillin, Doctors treated TB patients with it.  They treated many diseases with it.  The modern drugs fight disease quicker, but at what cost.  Now we have antibiotic resistant bugs.  Are there anti-sunshine bugs?  I doubt it.
Vitamin D has been proven in several studies to be best taken in through exposure to sunshine.  The old thinking of staying out of the sun at all costs is now being replaced with encouragement to go out in the fresh air and sunshine.  Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise and it is due to not getting out in the sun.
For me, when I am outside nude, I can only lay in the sun so long.  I have to be up gardening, playing a game, doing something.  I love to walk in the woods while naked.  There is just something about being in nature in my natural state!  I am more active naked than dressed.  That activity is healthy!
Nudism is about mental health.
When I am naked, it is like being a kid again.  It is freeing.  I feel uninhibited and unashamed.  I feel strong in who I am.  When naked in a social setting, I feel open with and to others.  There is no class distinction defined by dress.  There is no social stigma.  We are all human beings.
I mentioned free and one of the most freeing things is being free of body shame.  I’m not a bodybuilder.  I’m not a porn star either.  I’m just a guy, but when I’m in a social nude setting, I’m an equal.  There isn’t any feeling of being deficient.  I am who I am.
Nudism is about spiritual health.
Now this is really from me, but I feel connected to the Divine when naked.  When I walk in the woods, or swim, or just lay in the sun, there is a connection to the Divine and to the earth that is not there when I am clothed.  It is truly a spiritual experience.
Some would say that I am being disrespectful to God by being naked.  How can that be?  If you believe that creation story, God created humans naked.  How could God be insulted by our being the way we were created?
I know that you may feel very different about any or all of these things.  That’s okay.  We all live life the best we can.  However, I have talked with several nudists who say pretty much the same things.  They may say them in different ways, but the outcome is the same.
Are you a nudist?  Why?  Can you say what it is you like about it?  Let us know!

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