7 Sep 2012

Yea the Summer is back!

Here in Kent 25C and cloudless skies this week, wearing nothing indoors and very little outdoors! 
Spent some time by the Thames enjoying the sun and river air,watching ships in my 1-button suit!

A great place to be as naturally clothes-free just the odd textiled person passing by, even chatted to a naked cyclist,enjoying the late summer weather!

It's going to be a hot weekend, so no clothes, no laundry, no worries about what to wear, it's on me already! 
So if you see me wearing JUST a smile, say hello and join me for a chat, I don't mind if you are clothed, as long as you don't mind me being skindressed, what you see is what you get with me!

How's about this for a 1st class stamp for my letters?!! 

Oh well, take care, I'm staying bare...... make the most of this nice weather!

It might not last long and the long winter is approaching..... soon be time to retreat indoors and put the heating on,oh no!

Ciao !

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