8 May 2011

Bluebells in April!

I originally published this on 14 April, but it somehow got deleted so here goes again!

Heard on TV that the bluebells were out early here in Kent so I decided to go in search of them! It was a good excuse for a nice clothesfree walk, the day was overcast but warm and no wind so I arrived at the entrance to the woods and duly got naked!
It was some way to the bluebell
area so I enjoyed a leisurely walk on the woodland paths, stopping to rearrange some branches someone had arranged as a sort of wigwam!

Then it was off again, walking completely naked, not even shoes, enjoying the peace of nature, no-one around, just me and the birds,trees and other wildlife, this IS the way to enjoy the outdoors!

Then they they were, a carpet of bluebells either side of the path to enjoy, careful, they are a protected species, much as it would have bee
n nice to pick some, not allowed, an as I am a committed conservationist as well as a naturist, I just knelt down to admire them!
They don't show up very well on the picture, click on each for a larger version of me and nature! Well it was soon time to leave and I heard the approach of a clothed (Textile to us naturists!) walker so I slipped on my shorts, and went on my way, into the clothed world!

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