22 May 2011

had a totally naked day today!

Yes, since getting out of bed I've been like this, had brekkie, lunch and dinner, watched the Spanish F1 G.P., seen Manchester United dump Blackpool from the Premier league into the Championship(sob,sob) and done all my chores without so much as a sock on!
Going to have my evening drink and then to bed - it will be a full 24 hrs since wearing anything and its been a pleasure, I could live this this 24/7 x 365! Its been a warm day and if only I could do my shopping in my skin, I could if I lived in a naturist centre like Cap d'Agde in france or Cypress Cove in Florida!
Oh well, I suppose I'll have to put some clothes on tomorrow, but Ill be getting em off when I get home.... Oh, nearly forgot, check out this link to naturist walkers in France, it has an english translation but the pictures don't need translating, the natural way to walk!

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